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the sea is calm
grey skies
the silhouettes of birds 
         above are slow

noises fade
my mind is quiet

a soft breeze
a hair grazes my cheek
          waking my senses
I close my eyes
           I fight them off

just let me be

This is a little different than what I usually post but.. I have been a registered nurse for about a year now in a medical intensive care unit. I cannot even begin to explain the amount I have learned and experienced and felt over the past year. This profession is so challenging, yet rewarding. I cannot imagine myself doing anything else at this point in my life. As tiring as our 12+ hour days are (brain working overtime to ensure the safety of your patients and making the right decisions for them, lifting, cleaning, turning, bodily fluids everywhere, connecting and feeling and empathizing, feeling the pressure of the higher up on all the little charting requirements, the list goes on), I always leave feeling like I spent my day doing good. I have been threatened, almost hit, spoken to in incredibly inappropriate ways, but I have also been hugged at the end of my shift by patients and family members, given flowers and notes, and have connected with so many people on an amazing level that makes every day worth it. To all my fellow nurses, you rock. Words can’t even come close to explaining what we do. 


It’s a fear, it is near. the shape becomes ever clear.
It bares teeth, extra sharp, that’ll cut you in the heart.
It attacks really quick, try and fight it with a stick.
it’s no use, give it up, this is life and this is love.
You are my alligator.